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A Note From Payal

A Note From Payal

Our new direction and mission, Payal Luthra ECOLOGIES, officially launches tomorrow, but I want to share the story of this labor of love with you today.

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When I started my accessories brand years ago, I wanted to design beautiful products that were modern yet timeless, and that were infused with a touch of my Indian heritage. 

We're now evolving and adding a few more layers.

I've always loved working directly with artisans, and over the last few years I've wanted to support hand craftsmanship even more. It has a beauty that can’t be replicated by a machine, and handcrafted arts employ so many people that would otherwise not have work. 

I also wanted to expand beyond cashmere to other materials, while keeping sustainability a crucial component. As you'll soon see, we're now working with certified organic cotton and responsibly sourced wool, and most of our designs are being produced by artisans and handloom weavers to help keep their craft traditions alive. 

Here's what I'm most excited to share: we're going to give back to the cause that's closest to my heart: wildlife and nature conservation. This change in direction is called ECOLOGIES.

Tomorrow we launch the first collection of ECOLOGIES. Each collection is inspired by a wild place around the globe where we have formed partnerships with wildlife organizations. Designs tell a story through color and pattern, and 2% of each purchase supports people on the ground working to conserve threatened species.

First and foremost, I want you all to look and feel beautiful in my designs. But in the process, I hope I can open a window to fantastic places, people, and wildlife that you might not otherwise get to see and enjoy.

It has been a long two-year process to establish the groundwork for ECOLOGIES, but it's been well worth the effort. I'm so excited to reveal the location of the first collection tomorrow when the new site goes live!

Our Exclusive Collaboration with DHONK

Our Exclusive Collaboration with DHONK

SS19 ECOLOGIES Photo Shoot

SS19 ECOLOGIES Photo Shoot